About Us


About our Sales and Service.

GCE Ltd is a leading Plant Hire and Sales company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. we have become a leading force in the Plant hire industry, with a great reputation for supplying our clients with a unrivaled level of service. 

Our innovative approach provides our clients with a single point of contact which enables them the best integration of our extensive range of products and services to meet the client’s project requirements.

Please allow our sales staff to help with your enquiries you will not be disappointed.   


Hire Fleet

Our plant is available for hire operated, or on a self drive basis.  

All our plant hire machinery is well maintained and regularly serviced.  

We hold full service histories and annual safety check documentation for our entire fleet. Pre and post hire checklists are completed for all plant machinery.



1st Class Service is the key to our success.  Over the years we have invested heavily in our Transport Division to make sure we have the capability to give our Customers the best, most reliable and competitive Service to move our plant.

We are constantly up grading our vehicles, choosing the most durable and reliable Units in the market to meet the rigorous standards we expect of our transport.

Please call us on how we can assist with your transport needs.